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Water to the core! It is not a Myth!
As per expert estimates, 70% to 75% of Earth's surface is made of water of which only 2.5% is fresh water, fit for human consumption. Of this 2.5% only 0.5 % is available ground water and 0.01% is the readily accessible water in lakes, streams, rivers etc. The rest is located as ice caps. This significant statistics answers emerging queries of the need to recycle and reuse water effectively. As Earth Water group, we understand this well and hence our endeavor to bring out the message of using water efficiently. Water is core of what we do.
cotton It takes almost 2000 litres of water to produce a cotton garment.
beer It takes 4-8 litres of Water to produce 1 litre of Beer.
automobile It takes 10000 litres of water to build an automobile.
ariculture Almost 70% of all available freshwater is used for agriculture.
coal 55 to 75 trillion gallons of water are needed annually to support 1 billion tons of coal.
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