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Group Companies
Aventura Components Pvt. Ltd.
A leader in the water components business, Aventura Components supports OEMs as a one-stop-shop for premium quality water treatment, water handling and wastewater treatment equipments. With its reach extended to 80% of the OEMs, Aventura works closely system integrators across the country to support them in developing best-in-class solutions for water & wastewater management.
EA Water Pvt. Ltd.
EA Water has established itself as India's leading knowledge and marketing solutions provider for water and wastewater sector. Capitalizing on its domain knowledge, EA Water updates users on the latest advancements in the water sector and provides suitable platforms for players in the industry to promote their technologies and products. Its array of services includes publications, events, consulting and recruitments.
Fontus Water Pvt. Ltd.
Fontus Water has profound understanding of water & wastewater treatment systems tailored to the industrial, building & government segment requirements. With its team of qualified water professionals, Fontus Water continuously seeks to promote technologies for improving water and wastewater management. It offers best-in-class technologies and designing along with operation & maintenance services.
Geist Research Pvt Ltd.
Geist is dedicated to offering turnkey solutions based on innovative technology platforms to achieve profit from zero liquid discharge. These solutions recover pure chemicals from a variety of wastewater discharges at a fraction of their market price and completely recycle the wastewater. Geist's proficiency in recovering chemicals endorses the concept of 'Wealth Out Of Waste' by the potential sale of recovered chemicals, saving on wastewater treatment costs and reduced purchase of fresh water.