Who We Are

Born from our ability to stay relevant in an ever-changing environment, Earthwater endeavours to transform the world as we know it. Amidst growing concerns due to shortage of fresh water, we strive to bring a positive change through our expertise, teamwork and sheer commitment. Our beliefs are strong, enabling us to take risks without hesitation and find solutions the world needs.

We are for better water in the world

We are Earthwater

Our Vision

To be a Leader in Our Chosen Field

To become a Respected & Admired Group

To Ensure Profitable Growth

To Meet & Exceed Customer Expectations

To Create an Environment Conducive to Employee Development

To be Socially Responsible

Our Spirit

Going beyond ownership, the company’s spirit is driven by several common motivations

The Spirit of Enterprise & Taking Risks

Incubating New Ideas & Innovations

Swift Decision-Making

Identifying Untapped Niche Segments

The Pursuit of Activities for Improving Quality of Life

Our Brands

Our in-depth knowledge of the global water market helps us provide expert turnkey solutions, products and services across the value chain for the Indian water industry.

Fontus Water is a specialist in providing integrated solutions for water management and wastewater treatment for industrial, government and institutional customers.

Aventura provides superior water components and wastewater treatment solutions, serving OEMs and system integrators as a one-stop shop for high-quality water components.

Panisa has the vision to provide safe and affordable drinking water to all communities. We are working in rural, semi-urban and urban locations, based on different business models.